Precision Engineering

Precision Engineering:

Track Sections

At Phischon, we are dedicated to developing products that are rugged, efficient, and well engineered. Before we even started thinking about a design, we gathered gunnel sections from several leading boat manufacturers in order to study construction, layout, and similarities.  We learned that some gunnels are built like gorillas where others are built like princesses.  However, we wanted to design a tool that the owner could trust to accessorize to his or her heart’s content, regardless of what vessel he put it on.  We wanted to design a component where the owner would worry about the boat before the bracket.  So, we developed a design that can easily handle any load that the gunnel it is mounted on can endure.  The result: TrackStar.

PrecisionEngineered_600TrackStar was drafted, meticulously engineered, and then CNC machined to .005″ tolerance.  Even the contracted item such as bolts and knobs were analyzed for strength, reliability, and corrosion resistance.

Connection Hardware

Using an innovative design, TrackStar’s gunnel track key disperses strain along the length of the gunnel rather than just focusing the load on the mounting points i.e. the bolts.  This design opens the door to accessory possibilities ranging from low load tool holder plates to full blown down rigger setups.  So, regardless of what kind of boat you own or the gunnel track receiver integrated onto it i.e. Tracker Versatrack, Lund Sport Trak, Crestliner Lock Track, Polar Kraft, Lowe, Triton, War Eagle, G3, etc., if your boat has a standard 1/4″ receiver track, TrackStar will get the job done.

Key in Action Slider

Finally, along with incredible strength, anodized 6061T6 aluminum offers superior resistance to corrosion even in saltwater environments.  In fact, we are so confident that our products will not corrode over time, that we guarantee them for life.  Click here for more warranty details.

TrackStar Kit